How do i gain access to the Media Player?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a loading screen and after a lot of reading in here i managed to get more confused!
If i am not mistaken for the time being we can use the media player to play a video between loading levels without the video freezing.Anything else i have tried does not work since the second the system starts to load the new level, everything freezes and gets stuck,so the above seems like a good solution to my problem.
The thing is that i do not know how to gain access to the actual player so i can do this…

call the media player right after (or before) the open level command and when the system finishes loading to stop the video from playing.Any ideas on how to do this?

Thank you!

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but here’s how to access the media player object: Create a variable, set its type to Media Player, compile. Then, set the default value of this variable to your media player object. That’s it.

Hey! Thanks a bunch!
Any ideas why when it is called from my blueprint nothing appears?Is there another setting i should enable ? Does the media player always play above everything else like a HUD?

Hi, in case you haven’t sorted this out, you need to create a media texture from your media player asset and then create a material from it, then place it on your “screen” which might be just a box shape - this is the simplest way of doing that.


To open a video file, I must use mediaplayer->openurl right? I am finding that mediaplayer->openurl always returns false. How must the url be given as argument to openurl? Please help.

The URL currently has to be one of the following:

  • A relative path to a video file inside your project’s /Content/Movies/ directory, i.e. “./MyVideo.mp4”
  • A full path to a video file on your computer or a shared network drive, i.e. “C:/Temp/Videos/MyVideo.mp4”
  • A streaming URL for media on the internet. The type of URLs supported is determined by the underlying decoder framework, i.e. Windows Media Foundation (WMF) on Windows.

Some example streaming URLs can be found in one of my comments in this post.