How do I force the UE5 android build to use OpenGL ES 3.1?

[ UE 5.0.1 ]
I created a scalable mobile blueprint project targeting API 32 for android and installed it on the emulator using the installer Install_AndroidQuickStart-arm64.bat

But when I run it I get this error on several emulators:

I am unable to find a way to force the build to use OpenGL ES 3.1

Tried unticking this but it wont allow me

Tried to set everything to low the settings but no luck

I am fairly new to UE so there may be settings somewhere else that I am not aware of

I want my game to run on lower end devices and it will be 2d with low graphics requirements

Did you manage to solve this? I have the same problem…

Yes I found out its not supported by UE 5

Android Development Requirements for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

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Maybe you can know: is it possible to run Emulator from Android Studio with the support of GLES 3.2?
I have an issue with it: I can run game on my smartphone, but it`s to old and slow, so I trying to use Android Studio to emulate device, and for me, the maximum version that I can set for the ordinary way- is GLES 3.1

Unfortunately I was not able to run ES 3.2 on an Emulator but I havent tried recently I