How do I flip the character's rotation direction when using 'Orient Rotation to Movement' property as 'True'?

My game is 2.5D game, where my characters are 3D models and environment is 2D sprites, it’s a sidescroller game.

Under ‘Character Movement’ I am using ‘Orient Rotation to Movement’ property as ‘True’ to set character’s rotation, everything is cool the only problem I am having is that my character is rotating in anticlockwise direction whereas, I want it to rotate in clockwise direction.

What should I do?

Hi DevilEye,

I may have misunderstood, but do you mean that you want to change the direction your character rotates (on the character’s Z axis) when he/she/it turns around?

If so, here’s a simple solution to try:

In the blueprint editor, when the character receives input to turn around, quickly add a small amount of rotation in the clockwise direction (for instance, 1 degree of rotation over a frame or two). The character should then turn around using the smallest angle possible, which will now be in the clockwise direction (179 degrees vs 181 degrees).

If you need more help try posting screenshots of your blueprint setup and I (or someone better) can help you figure it out!



Hey Noah, thanks for the reply, uploading GIF to get the clear pic of what I want to say.
Here when pressing Left key character rotates in anticlockwise direction. All I want is to flip the rotation direction, so that character rotates in clockwise direction.
For character rotation I am using ‘Orient Rotation to Movement’ property as ‘True’ of ‘Character Movement’.


Alright, I’ve been unable to find any way to directly change the rotation direction using Orient Rotation to Movement, so here’s another idea: Instead of the solution mentioned earlier (adding a small bit of rotation upon turning around), what if you forgo Orient Rotation to Movement altogether and just add +180 degrees of rotation upon moving left? You could also add -180 degrees of rotation upon moving right if you want the character to rotate towards the camera there too.

Sorry I don’t have a better solution that utilizes Orient Rotation to Movement, but hopefully this will produce the same result you’re looking for. The other option is to make a feature request, this sounds like a handy thing to be able to do!

Oh, and just have to say, that game looks awesome so far. Best of luck in its continued development, and let me know if I can be any more help.


Thanks Noah for you time and support :slight_smile:

I was having this same issue, and finally found a solution here. Also thanks to NoahBeggs for the idea about adding rotation!