How do i fix this?

I am at a loss here… i can barely play any bame that has been made with unreal engine, each and everyone crash with a D3D Fatal Error “Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D Device being lost”

i have tried so many methods, registry edits, startup options, reinstalled the games multiple times, played on low graphics, made sure i started without mods or DLC’s, updated drivers, rolled back to an older driver…

still nothing and its honestly becoming very frustrating because a lot of games don’t come cheap…

This means that GPU got “disconnected” for UE4 and engine can not continue rendering, this may happen for 2 reasons:

-Driver crash

-GPU switching, if you got laptop with 2 GPUs like On-board Intel<->NVidia, when laptop switch between the 2 it “disconects” one that UE4 using and crash it. You need to setup your laptop to use the more performant one from start up.


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