How do I fix this?

My Engine is crashing whenever I try to load a map or blueprints on my project. I can load my project fine. I tried it more than ten times but the crashing occurs for the same reason. How do I fix this? Is this the problem with the engine or my project? If it is the problem with the engine, do I have to reinstall the engine? If it’s the project, how do I fix it?

What is the crash you are getting? Just saying the project is crashing isn’t enough to know what the problem is.


This asset has an issue where it is hitting an assert because “AISenseConfig_Sight” has not been fully loaded. I am not sure why this is the case but if I was in your shoes, I would try deleting the intermediate folder.

If that doesn’t work, I would remove the asset from the project by going to it in the Content folder and moving it to somewhere else and then relaunching the project.

By chance, is there anything your project named “None”?

Do any of these issues sound like what you are doing or have done?


Where do I look for it? I am getting the crash reports, but I do not know where to look.

Post the crash report.

I don’t have the callstack or anything at all in some reason though… It says I don’t have any debugging symbols to display it.

Let me attach the log file to just in case

I can’t do anything because just by clicking any asset the engine crash.
And I don’t see any asset named “None”.

You dont need to run the engine to delete or move assets. Just go to the folder they are in in Windows and handle it there.

I don’t think deleting the folder or moving the assets to somewhere else isn’t working…

Ah silly me, I was messing around with the saved folders, not the actual content lol I wasted about 2 hours Thank you so much