How do I fix this?

Can’t save …/…/…/…/…/UE5BeginnerTutorial/CreekBeginner/Content/CreekAssets/Maps/Creek.umap: Graph is linked to external private object BodySetup /Engine/EditorMeshes/PlanarReflectionPlane.PlanarReflectionPlane:BodySetup_0 (BrushBodySetup)

I am completely new to this and have been getting the following error after adding the PlanarReflection. But even after I deleted it from my level the error continues.

I was following a 5hr tutorial and finally finished it but would like to save my progress so I can come back to see it after some time to compare my progress of where I started from.

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I have the same problem months later. I even deleted the Planar Reflection but the problem persists with error BodySetup_0.

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i just ran into this problem with WidgetComponent. You can’t set the collision during contruction, so leave the collision set to default on your blueprint(and c++), then use SetCollisionProfileName() during BeginPlay()

SetSlateWidget() has the same issue, where you can’t call it during the constructor.