How do I fix this transparency problem?

Hey guys, I tried to make a single mesh object with just one texture – in this case a little radio device – and on the device I tried to give it a transparent glass screen and underneath it is a radio station readout. Everything looks perfect in Substance Painter but when I pop it into Unreal things go a little wonky. Here’s what I’m talking about.

I have the material set up as translucent, which works for the glass part at the bottom but for whatever reason parts of the mesh without opacity are see-through (i.e. you can see the handle through the front of the radio). If anyone knows how to fix this I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks!

Unreal uses a differed shader which does not ply well with translucency. The best thing you can do is separate the translucent parts and the opaque parts of the mesh into 2 different material IDs. One material will have the glass transparency the other will be masked or opaque.

Your issue is that your opaque elements are set use the transparent renderer so it’s rendering through your mesh and showing forward facing elements of your mesh that are behind it.