How do I fix this graphic change?

Well, I logged in today in my fortnite account (battle royale).
But when I was on the starting screen, something weird was there.
The background of my game and the map is white and the buildings are pink and I don’t know how to fix this. My settings are still the exact same like nothing ever happened to them. I dontknow if I am the o ly one who has this. I’ve spent a lot of miney on this game and I would really like it fixed :cry:

Here are some pictures of how it looks!

Do you get what I mean now?

You will have more luck asking about this in the Fortnite forums. This is not the place.

At a glance, it does look like a video driver issue - it is unlikely, but not impossible, that a game update caused the driver to act funny. Make sure it’s up to date.

Hope it helps a bit.

I dont get where I need to ask them a question and knoing how popular fortnite is they wont look at my post …

Answer Hub is about game development issues.

This section seems to be alive:

Good luck.


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