How do I fix this errors [Material]

Hi, I have error on the multiply nodes. It “almost” works if I use MultiplyAdd, but not as I want :confused:
I think I know why it gives the errors (I’m trying to multiply 5 channels [image] by 4 channels [color]), but for sure I don’t know how to fix them :frowning:

What does the Error Text Say? Down below?

Does it say something about “float4” and “float3” I’d need to know the error in the stats panel below the material pane to give you a better suggestion on how to fix your problem.

When you’re multiplying Vectors they need to have the same number of channels, or, you need to use a Scalar value that will apply to all Channels.

Error [SM5] (Node Multiply) Arithmetic between types float3 and float4 are undefined

You could try using an “append vector” to the links that are a 3 channel vector.

The constant in the multiply causing the error has 4 channels. Make it a Constant 3 instead of a Constant 4 which is what you have now.

It’s working now, but the night sky (cities lightning) is active all over the planet, not only the dark side :confused:

Edit: Fixed everything, thank you guys :slight_smile:

There was another thread which stumbled on the same problem I believe.

I have problems with this “multiply”. I’m new to unreal and I’m still learning, I don’t know how to fix it, can someone help me out? TY

You can use “ComponentMask” to turn float4 into float3