How do i fix this error?

Hi people of the interweb, the question I have is not about Unreal Engine development but about the Epic Games launcher. I tried to download it from everywhere, fortnite, the unreal engine download, the plain launcher download, but all of these result in the follow error that I have attached to this document. How do I fix this error or find a workaround?

Hello, thank you for reporting your issues with the Epic Games Launcher. However, Answerhub is meant for issues relating directly to Unreal Engine 4 rather than the Launcher itself. For assistance with the Launcher, please visit the following link:

If you cannot find the solution to the problem you’re encountering, please use the Email Us on the Fortnite support page to contact Support for further assistance.

Although the Email Us link will take you to a Fortnite page, the form will still be able to go to the team that handles Launcher issues.

Hi there, I tried to contact Epic again from the Fortnite page, and they sent me the exact same email they sent me the first time. I really hope that someone else can help me find the answer to this issue, because I don’t even know if the folks over at the fortnite page are seeing my email content. Also, the crash report keeps saying to log a bug report here, at answerhub.