How do I fix the stretching that occurs when I use the Prototype characters?

When I apply the sidescroller skeleton to prototype character and use it in game the model stretches/warps. Does anybody know how to fix this?


I noticed a similar problem playing around with the animation last night. See screenshots . What you want to do is go into skeletal mesh. There is the SKELETON>MESH>ANIMATION options. Select skeleton. Everything will look fine until you test it with a animation. My problem was with the upperarm_twist_01_l bone. Yours will probably be the upper arm or clavicle. Anyway as the screenshots points out show advanced options and change translation from animation to skeleton.

Remember to test it with each animations as my problem was different with every animation.

I checked into what you were talking about, but both the upper arm and clavicle were both set to skeleton already.

Test it with a animation. As I mentioned on the skeleton there was no problem to start but as soon as you load an animation the problem starts. I see from your screenshot you have no animation loaded. I select the idle animation and then select the root bone to highlight the whole skeleton. That way you can easily see which one is the problem. Once identified try switching between animation and skeleton.

If that still does not work leave it in skeleton mode and select it and move it until it is in the right position. See screenshots.

Moving the bones seems to be working. Thanks for the help.

So we have to redo all the bones our selves now? How about the author/Yingpeigames of the pack corrects this all? He’s false advertising on the market place as (“These Prototype-themed characters are ready to be used with Epic’s Animation Starter pack” is not valid with 4.8 anymore)

Is there a way we can down vote get this removed from the marketplace? Or even get our money back as this is false advertising and support is 0% from Ying Pei Games@!