How do I fix [SM5] D3DCompile exception error with translucent and masked materials?

When trying to change material’s blend mode to either translucent / masked, the SM5 D3DCompile exception shows. I tried using two different versions of Unreal Engine - 4.25.4 and 4.26.1, got the error on both of them.
I have got the latest DirectX and GPU drivers. Output log doesnt show much else than just the D3DCompile exception.

PC Stats:

CPU: Intel i7 9700KF (not overclocked)

GPU: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 (not overclocked)


SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus

Is this for a new material or you’re modifying an existing material?

new materials, empty materials, existing materials…, doesnt matter, it always happens everywhere

I created a new project in 4.26.1 / 4.25 and still have this problem with the material that already exist in UE4 .
So that happens also in new and empty project.
May I have to update my software pc or UE4 ?

No, I havent fixed it yet.

After hard searching!
*_For me i use Desktop not Laptop,
*_I Replaced the (power supply) and everything became well.
*_Because the case is Hardware not software.
I hop you have solve it soon .
Good luck