how do i fix my nutrition affecting stats?

Hello , i am making a survival game where depending on the food you eat you get nutrition that boosts your stats ( speed , bone strenght , health , stamina ) and if you dont eat plants the characetr you play as wants you dont gain nutrition and your stats decrease , i made a blueprint that should make the nutrition level affect the stamina but it didnt work at all , you can find it here 123 posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4 , if you can , please let me know how to make it or how to make it work correctly ( im somewhat new so please make the answer simple if possible )

You tests are a bit screwed up. First you test > 100, ok. Then you test < 50. Well, everything under 50 is less than 50 :slight_smile:

You’re never going to get to those other bits of code, because 37 and 25 will also be caught by the first test.

Also, there’s a MUCH easier way of doing this, without tick even. Tick is called EVERY FRAME, there’s no need to have an event at the end calling it again! :slight_smile:

I will come back…

Ok, I haven’t tested this, but the idea is sound. Your basic loop is

CheckHealth is a function like this

And ( as best as I could copy your logic ), the UpdateHealth custom event is

Actually, I think that update node can be simplified to