How do i fix lighting for a static interior in 4

Alright, apparently my questions in writing were deleted. In the first picture you can clearly see where the lighting got screwed up after I rebuilt it in unreal. The second picture shows what the model looks like in maya before i exported it as one static mesh. I’m concerned with the gaps/lines that are showing up in the maya model (Circled In Red) I’m wondering if those are part of my problem or something I don’t need to worry about. In the 3rd picture i’m showing an up close of the lines/gaps that were in the previous image. I don’t think those lines/gaps are causing the problem but if they are what is the fix to something like this? If someone could give me a solution I would appreciate it.

Do you have any ideas, what is causing the seams in Maya? Do you get any warnings when importing your model?

I’m not sure what is causing the seams. I don’t get any export or import errors when going between the programs. To be honest i’m not even sure why the seams are there. All the walls have been snapped together so realistically there shouldn’t be any seams to begin with.

HI EnergyPlaysGames,

The lighting artifacts your getting is expected based on the way your have authored your meshes.

There is one thing I’ve not added to the guide for this section right now and that’s if you’re importing this as a single object or you have multiple planar pieces, like your wall, that make up a single wall in maya and will be a single mesh in UE4 then you need to weld the vertices for the faces otherwise lightmass won’t know about the shading on the other edges to help them blend together seamlessly.

If you’re reassembling this model using modular pieces in UE4 you’re not going to really be able to correct this since these aren’t part of the same mesh and will never know what the shading is on the other to blend them properly. This is something we hope to be able to do in the future but haven’t gotten around to it just yet.