How do I fix false collision?

Alright, so, in my city, I’ve created the terrain heightmap. It contains 3 flat islands. To connect the islands together, I have a bridge model. I can place the model, walk on it, and everything’s pretty awesome so far.

However, I’ve begun to notice that my player hovers above the bridge. What I mean is, I’d be on the actual road of the bridge, but my player would be standing on it as if the road was as high as the guard rails on the bridge, so he’d be floating. This is not what I want.

I want to know if it’s possible to fix this and make the player stand on the actual road instead of floating above it… If someone could help me, that’d be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Wait, never mind! I found a rather clunky way to do it with Blueprint, basically putting the model into a Blueprint, setting Collision to NoCollision, then creating a bunch of boxes, setting their Collision to BlockAll, then placing them where I didn’t want the player to fall or walk through. Now, the issue’s been resolved :smiley:

You’d really want to do this in a modeling application so that you can setup custom collision. More than likely you’ve got it generating a single convex collision hull when it imports the mesh and this will not provide accurate enough collision for something like a bridge.

You can always visualize the collision by bringing up the console window with ` and typing in Show Collision. You can also see the collision for the mesh by going to the static mesh editor and hitting the collision button in the tool bar.