How do I fix 'engine modules out of date' error?

Hi, I recently compiled UE5 from source to use on my Linux machine.
For some reason though I am unable to open a blank project because a “engine modules out of date” despite this being the latest version.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve tried looking online and didnt find anything that helped.

Ha! I just did the same on Ubuntu. What I’ve done is checkout the 5.4 branch and then have run the scripts


You should be able to run Engine/Binaries/Linux/UnrealEditor from the UE root directory to launch the editor. Make sure all of the files in the UE root directory are owned by your user too (ie not root).
I have run into a few issues tho but got it working somehow. The Editor may close when generating a project or the 1st or 2nd time opening it, but it should eventually open.

Some of the things idk if they changed / generated anything, I ran make in the project directory on a cpp project but that gave me a make: *** No targets specified for 'CrashReportClient-Linux-Shipping' error, so went back to UE dir and did a make * and make CrashReportClient and stuff like that. Tried adding those makes to the project make file and that seemed to do stuff. But now I’m starting it from the UE dir and using the editor to open the project file and that seems to work.

I already ran the scripts and made sure I own the folder with all its subdirectories, the UE editor does open but upon trying to open any project it just tells me “The project is built with a different engine version, rebuild now?” If I select no, nothing happens. If I choose yes, it continues to “engine modules out of date” and then closes.

The project is a blank project I made with this editor so its not like it was made on a different version.
Any other idea of what I should do?

To fix the ‘engine modules out of date’ error, you should update the software or application experiencing the issue. Start by checking for updates through the program’s settings or options menu. If updates are available, download and install them to ensure your software is running the latest engine modules. This process typically resolves compatibility issues and improves performance by incorporating the latest features and bug fixes.

Well, chatgpt. Unfortunately I already am using the latest version of the software or application.

If I wanted to ask chatgpt for an answer I wouldnt have made this post. I hate to be rude but thank you for absolutely nothing.