How do i fix camera and gun getting stuck on objects?

I need some help, in the video below, i aim at the tree in front of me, although it looks like im barely moving my mouse really im moving mouse down/up a lot. my mouse sort of gets locked up and can only move left and right, if i move down then left to get my gun off of the tree, it looks like the gun is being teleported. it sometimes does it with other actors in the level (but not all) this is really confusing and i can provide pics of my BP if needed

Seems like a collision issue which can occur for a number of reasons. But try first of all to turn off collision on your gun.

It furthermore seems that your mouse input is affecting the Roll. It should only affect Pitch and Yaw.
Check if it anywhere in your blueprint component details says anything about Roll and uncheck it.

Another thing is that you might have set the actor rotation to be equal to the control rotation in the Pitch direction.
This is fixed by turning off “Use controller Pitch rotation”