How do I fix a blueprint, event graph?

How can a door be fixed from moving forward to moving to the side?

Could you describe/show how are you doing it atm?

I was following a blueprint tutorial for creating sliding glass doors. I have the OnActorBeginOverlap to Timline_0, Play and OnActorEndOverlap to Timeline_0, Reverse. On opposite side of Timeline_0 Update goes to Set Actor Location and Sliding Door goes to Get Direction Vector (Which is set at beginning location. Then there is a SM_GlassWindow13 from Persistent level set to the SetActorLocation, Target (Which is set to the location the door is to move to). Along with this there is an Event Begin play that includes the SM_GlassWindow13 from Persistent Level to Function GetActorLocation Target to SET NewVar.

get rid of the GetDirectionVector node, and plug the Timeline’s SlidingDoor vector directly into the NewLocation pin of the SetActorLocation node.

then you just need to adjust the keyframes inside the Timeline to move it in the direction you want.

Thank you! That works >^;^< appreciate your assistance.
Have a wonderful day!