How do i find the Signing certificate fingerprint (SHA1) for my app?

I’m surprised this question hasn’t been posted here because i have literally no idea how to find the (SHA1) key. I’m trying to link my app the the Google play Dev console. When i click authorize now it tells me to enter the (SHA1) key. I can’t find anywhere online how to find it for UE4. Please someone tell me how to find it? Thanks!

Can someone please answer my question if they know the answer?

From the command line with the keytool
You will want two different aliases entered in oauth for the same app, one for debug builds and one for shipping builds.

None of this is ue4 specific, more at Setting Up Google Play Games Services  |  Google Developers

Ya i looked into that thread. Frankly i don’t understand there explaination its not very specific to me. It might be easy to understand for you but for me i have trouble understanding it unless the steps are VERY specific, but it’s not.

Ya I looked over the thread again and i still can’t understand it at all. The person doesn’t go into detail at all. especially this part???

Hi Spookey0188,

Do you have a keystore created for distribution? The first commandline is to dump the info from it. You need this keystore to create for distribution. The second commandline is to get the debug keystore which should be in your .android (debug.keystore).

Ya i figured it out through a youtube vid. I found no answer otherwise online or in the forums. Thanks

Can you please post the video? Thanks!

I’m in school and in mobile right now, but ill tell you when i get back home

Here is the link:

the video doesn’t show you how to get the fingerprint certificate, but it tells you the steps on how to get there. After you do exactly what the video tells you, you must go to your documents to C:\Users"YourUserName"\Documents\Unreal Projects"ProjectNAme"\Build\Android. Thats where your keystore file should be in. Press and hold shift and right click on the android folder and click open “Command prompt here”. After that copy and paste this command.

keytool -exportcert -alias <your-key-name> -keystore <path-to-production-keystore> -list -v

And relapse <your-key-name> and <path-to-production-keystore> with whatever you called your keynames from the project settings. After you press enter it should tell you the (SHA1)! If you don’t understand anything reply to me.

Thank you very much!

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I am running into this issue. I need to obtain my SHA1 signature fingerprint for my google play services credentials, and am having an issue. I followed what you said to do here with the command prompt, but keep getting errors every time I try to do it. In the <your-key-name), are you meaning the keystore name or the alias name? And in the <path> field, is that looking for a specific file or the actual path on my pc to the keystore file I had generated? (i.e. c:\User…)

<you-key-name> is the alias and <path> is the file.