How do I find out the name of a node?

Am I being thick? I can’t find any way to discover the name of an existing node. Mousing over tells me what the node does, not it’s actual name. It took me half an hour to find the standard multiplication node because it’s called “float * float”…

Please someone help me as i’m losing my mind.

most nodes have their names listed on the top of them. the others such as the multiplication node you mention just have what they do in the background of the node, that plus the inputs give you an idea of its name. aside from that learning the names of nodes imo is about experience, with time you learn whats what. generally when searching for nodes you can type in what it does like a keyword, for example if i want a multiply node i search for * (asterisk), or for divide search /. context also helps, so if you drag off of a vector and search + then you will get all the vector + (something) nodes.

Also if you want to have access to and search through all the nodes all the time you can use the Library in Window > Palette tab.

I do not know why this still isn’t added, having a node that says “get” on it is so unhelpful to find what node it is. If anyone knows an actual way to find specifically what node any given node is, please respond to this.