How do i find my question in answerhub

why is this thing so dumb neither the forum nor answer hub has a way to find your own post

ive asked like ten questions got answers for none of them before i had to hack it myself

i have another question but is there really any purpose asking

like i really really really get the idea all of this support is fake
i know i know the billion just came in
but this is all employees making $16K a year kind of stuff i live right next to epic headquarters literal same neighborhood same high schools

He won’t see it. Like he did not see the answers to his other questions.

Click on your name.

This is your last question:

Yeah, I know. I’m still trying to understand what type of person he is: a troll or straight up mental.

It’s a text book definition of Dunning–Kruger. :frowning:

yeh im a user interface developer , have been one for 30 years basically

there is no user interface for answerhub - yes, if u click ur name, and u have to click it twice
u get a list of all your posts

zero is pointing there zero is documented there - nothing intuitive at all

havent seen any answers to my questions but they dont get answered fast enough before i do something different anyway

i told epic ill have a $10M game in two weeks got a lot to do to beat that time line

speaking of which i can find my posts now wee.