How do I find a keyboard key for when keys are pressed on the blueprint event

Hey there, I am having some trouble findind the keyboard keys I want, when on the events blueprints I right click and search F for example, and a million words with F will show up, but all I want is the event of when the F key is pressed on the keyboard, is there some easier way to find it? Like in the image I attached

There is no image attached but I feel your pain without one. The best method I’ve found was to look for “x keyb” where x is the letter you’re looking for; keyb stands for keyboard here. Gets most of the keys without having to scroll through a bazillion of options.

Ticking Context Sensitive will help, too.

Search for “Key F”. “Keyboard Event” will display all keyboard options.

Also, you might consider first organizing your input mappings in the Project Settings (Engine > Inputs). This allows you to expand beyond keyboard-only inputs. Some of your PC players might want to use a console controller instead.

Search for “Key F”. “Keyboard Event”
will display all keyboard options.

Does not really work for most keys, unfortunately - I mean, try finding u this way, see what OP means.

True. “key f” and “key u” produce different results.

“keyboard u” or “input u” will get the OP much closer. It’s not an exact match, but it is easier than searching the entire Actions List.

Input mappings work best.

I find typing ‘keyboard x’ always takes me to the right event ( or one off )…