How do I fill in the empty spaces in a material?

Hello Guys!
I am fairly new to UE4, but having fun so far. My question is: How do I make these grey blank spots in the material disappear? I know that the texture itself has some simple grey areas, so:
1, Is it easier to just go to Photoshop, play around a bit and create a new texture?
2, Can I simply choose another texture that will be visible ONLY under these empty grey spots?

Thank you for your support!


You can try playing around with RGB channels and If / Lerp nodes to create a mask out of these grey areas and use such mask to mix it with another texture, but there’s no guarantee it will work well.

I’d say create a black and white mask in Photoshop out of this texture, it’ll be easier to do using a magic wand.

Yes, don’t use a material with empty spaces is the answer… :wink: