how do i extract sprite sheets correctly?

I have Photoshop cs2 an I wanna know how to individualize the sprites from the spite sheet instead of it being 1 giant sprite.

So you want to split it up? -> just use the selection tool (the one with the small square) - press ctrl+c - go to new file + new - click ok - paste it - save it -> now you have split it up (dont know if the steps are the same in CS2 -> I use CS6) :slight_smile:

yeah I don’t see those options in my photoshop. is there any way I can get cs6 for free?

No, you will have to pay for photoshop :wink:

Here is the selection tool in photoshop cs2:


After that just make a frame around the sprite part that you want - ctrl + c - file + new - ctrl + v