How do I expose physics constraint function, This function is not exposed for blueprint

I’ve been sifting through the UnrealEngine and Physx so I could do a Physics Based Articulated Vehicle with Physics Constraints. Almost all the things needed are exposed to blueprint. But when visual scripting there is a couple of major things that is not. Those are the Linear Position Strength, the Linear Velocity Strength, the Angular Position Strength, the Angular Velocity Strength.

I would like to expose these, as they would benefit being set via visual scripting. Such as if I do a line trace and if hit, I could get current Linear Position Strength then add float until line trace is not hitting then set Linear Position Strength to default setting. This could also help with adding body torque to differential when torque is added to the wheels, like a truck. The same can also be done to the Angular position strength with braking.

Having these functions exposed would help with visual scripting on Physics Constraints.

Hmm, are you sure they are not exposed? I don’t remember setting specifically them but I was spawning physics constraints and setting them up dynamically from BPs. Name of the nodes can be different from name in properties.

So this is what you are looking for:

Spring - is a “Strength” parameter
Damping - is a “Velocity Strength”
Force Limit - is a “Max Force”

Taking into account that “Drives” are implemented as spring with dampener, the description as it’s written in nodes makes more sense than “drive” parameters of physics constraint instances but I guess Epic had reasons to call them in UI as they called.