How do I expose a user-created variable from an anim blueprint class

I am new to Unreal so sorry for the dumb question. I have an event graph within an anim blueprint in which I want to reference an external actor by name to be able to use getActorLocation. I thought that I would just be able to add a variable to this blueprint (eg “myActorName”) and expose this variable to set it on an instance of the anim blueprint class. However, I see that this type of class doesn’t seem to allow me to display my internal variables for some reason. I have tried a stand-alone test of adding a var to an actor blueprint and this works as I would expect.

Ultimately, my goal is to procedurally move individual bones through the anim graph which are driven by the positions of other actors. Most of it is working but I just can’t get those external actor positions inside my anim blueprint event graph.

Please help!


I have also tried added a getActorReference node (to reference the external actor) in my anim blueprint event graph but this causes the error “this blueprint (self) is not a globalEditorUtilityBase, therefore target must have a connection”. What should I connect to target in this case?