How do I export source files in Bridge Native in UE5

Hello there! The ability to download a meta human plus its maya source files for the body and head is a part of the bridge app, but I don’t see the same options in the UE5 native version of bridge. I don’t have an earlier version of UE installed with all of the requisite plugins etc, but will need to use this functionality.

Please advise!

To add to this. I’ve updated a meta human (since putting clothes on them produces a mesh with the underlying body cut away, which is a mesh I’d want but as an option not as the only asset). However I’ve updated it through bridge and tried to re-export it but nothing happens so the old exported assets remain and do not update. Is this a bug or do I need to do something different in this process?

Edit: Seems the solution is to delete the content and re-export. Re-exporting does not by default overwrite what’s there which is the behavior I expected since the button was there but just did nothing when pressed.