How do I export every object face in 3DSMAX?

Hey all, just a quick question.

I want to export every face in my 3DS MAX Project as it is a map and I want to assign textures within Unreal. If I do not detach the faces then the map will act as a single mesh, because the map comes from the Source engine. However, the faces are there, so I just need some guidance on how to export every single face separately.

I can explain further on request.

  • Thanks guys!

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do, some screenshots might help too

I presume You want to divide one mesh with few materials to separated meshes.

You won’t be able to do that without some script or plugin if not manually.
I found something you could try:3ds Max script GmaterialTool - Detach selected objects by MatID - YouTube can always search for something else here:
3ds Max | All | ScriptSpot

And while importing to UE4 don’t forget to untick the checkbox that says “Combine meshes”.


Don’t do that, that will create too many objects which increases draw calls and lowers performance, You can apply your materials in 3ds Max, but make sure to use as few materials as possible, ideally one material per object and keep the number of objects as low as possible.

In fact, I’ve been wondering too for a reason why would you want to do that…