How do I export a Matinee with sound?

Hi I am wondering how to export my 5 minute long animation in Matinee. It has sounds included which I need. I do not want to use an external recording program to do this but if I absolutely have to which one should I use and how should I do it. I am wondering if I can somehow record all of it with sound from UE4 without anything else. How can I do it?

You can record an AVI with sound by using the Movie button inside Matinee. But you should know that it is going to have a huge size(tens of GB’s for a 5min video at 1080p) and it is because the output is uncompressed, so you’ll have to use another software to compress it to another format afterwards.

Hi again lol, Okay I just tried to record it by using the Movie button but I am not sure where the file is at after I recorded it.

Hello. :slight_smile:

Check your Project folder > Saved > Video Captures.

Well crap, it is 66 Gb and the audio isn’t included.

Okay I am not sure if I had actually replied to you the first time I tried so if I did I am sorry for the double reply. I found it and it is 66gb and I am fine with that because I will compress it but the problem is that there is no audio

Huh…now i am confused. All this time i thought AVI would record sound as well. I normally use frame by frame recording and then get the sound with another software so i never actually tried AVI. Guess it doesnt record sound after all and i feel stupid. :\

Hopefully we’ll get more options with Sequencer in the future. For now, you can use something like Audacity to record the sound but then you’ll have to use another software to combine it with the video.

Instead of combining the two together would it be easier to use Fraps?

Oh, of course. If you have the GPU power then definitely go for it. My GTX 460 cant handle Fraps at high resolutions so i tend to look for other alternatives, thats why i forgot about it…lol

You can also try Shadow Play or something? that nvidia driver has if your GFX is 600 series or above.

I have a AMD 7850 so I can’t use Shadow Play. My problem with Fraps is that I would have to somehow use my expert (terrible) video editing skills to cut out the windows borders. Is there anyway around that?

No idea, i dont have much of an experience with Fraps. :\

Okay I will figure it out

Hello all, i am following this thread highly interested. Are there any news on this? I want to renderout the sound aswell…

You’ll have to wait for Sequencer and see what it brings us.

Hi Showpixel,

I have spoken to our Matinee/Sequencer developer about this before and he does plan on including this functionality in Sequencer. In the near future you will hear more about this developing from our announcements. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I will be happy to provide as many answers as I can.

Any ETA on this?

The progress can be tracked on our public trello board here:

I wait till sequencer, because to make a short movie, let’s say, 120 seconds,with this beautiful GAME engine, untill it isn’t optimized for filming, as the company IS looking in that direction ( remember No royalties on movies, not a penny) it is just too much complicated, not difficult but complicated…Execellent instrument, best graphic I saw for realtime; but I must surrender… I can bring in iClone characters, DAZ with animations, problems with the mandibula and the tongue running around the frame, and now the AVI codec which sucks a drive and… no sound! NO it is enough for me… I love UE4 but I will wait faithfull…for some more cinema friendly dedicated tool…

Yeah that’s the point

Strongly waiting for this, Unreal is such Unreal, for making movies… it’s future…from trello and if II correctly understood there should be something new in next Oct. Let’s hope :slight_smile: