How do I enable World Partition in 5.0 branch?

Hi, I built the 5.0 branch today in hopes of testing the more fleshed out versions of the new features UE5 has to offer. However, when it finally finished building and I had created a new, blank project, the World Partition settings were disabled.
(This isn’t a dropdown, it just says “none”)

I tried looking in the project settings to see if I needed to enable something, but I did not find anything.

Do I need to enable a plugin or change some build setting to be able to use World Partition?

I believe these settings are obsolete, there’s no need to change any settings to start using World Partition?

It’s available in New Level menu :slight_smile:

Pick Open World Level and you’d have WP map created :slight_smile:


Yes that was it, thank you for the fast answer! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I love your Flow plugin btw! :star_struck:

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