How do I enable the Key input in my event graph?

I’m currently using the Ark survival evolved version of UE4 and when making an Event Graph on an item blueprint I am unable to add keystroke input. Every source I can find says that I should just be able to right-click and hit the key i want and it should be there on the list. However when I do that it doesnt show up. When I manually navigate to where those options should be they arent there. Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Confused Dude

Image below is what I am looking for yet I cannot find. (not necessarily “E”)


How do I Enableinput on an actor? Below is an example of the start of my graph. Would I use my GetPlayerCharacter as my actor??

the start of an Actor’s event graph would be EventBeginPlay… but this is not an Actor’s Event graph, because you have a WorldContextObject input… is this inside a function library or something?

make a blueprint based on Actor, then inside its event graph, you can use GetPlayerController, and drag off the return pin to search for EnableInput.

Having the same issue, did you ever find a solution to this?

In the class defaults, there is a tab called “Input”. Have you tried to switch some of its parameters?

Maybe try this?

From what I understand not only this seems to be the problem but that the key event itself can’t be found. After right klicking, type not only “E” but “E Key” and it will appear!

When you right-click in your BP, uncheck “Context Sensitive”. That will show you a list of all possible nodes instead of the ones UE4 thinks you want.

I think it has changed from how others were used to do it, I had this problem too but I searched for it and found the solution.

Right click inside the event graph to bring the search menu and uncheck the “Context Sensitive option” and then look for “Interaction” and inside it there will be many drop down menus. Look specifically for “Press Keys” .

Click on it and then You can see the keys option and beside that left click on “None” and there will be Many options like " Gamepad" , “Keyboard” go for keyboard and than you can choose any key you like.

This is the way I guess right now… I will post again if I find some shortcut.