How do I enable the checkbox for Starter content?

I don’t have the checkbox for “Starter content” when I try to create a new document. I saw the checkbox there when I first opened ue4 but now I don’t see it anymore. Please help?

Howdy ChronosFlare,

Could you perhaps share a screen shot of what your Editor>New project screen looks like so that I may further investigate the issue that you are seeing? Could you also provide your dxdiag for your PC and the version of UE4 that you are currently using? Any additional information that you may have on the issue would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hey ChronosFlare,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if the Starter content issue has still been occurring for you. If so, please do let us know so that I may further investigate exactly what is happening. For the time being, I am going to close this issue for tracking purposes.

Thanks and have a great day!