How do I enable a sequence with blueprint

I’ve just updated to 4.12 and would like to know how to trigger my sequence in blueprint. I’ve attached an image of my current setup - if I press Left the debug shows the output hitting the sequence node, but the sequence doesn’t play. If however I enable autostart on the sequence it works correctly when jumping into game…

Hey phaynes!

Try getting the level sequence reference, inside the level blueprint and then use node called Play.

Hopefully this works, cheers! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. I can’t find a node called simply ‘play’ however, could it be called something different in 4.12?

Hmm. Maybe the Play node doesn’t work with sequences, maybe it’s just used with matinees… :confused:

Actually you were right, I’ll mark it as an answer. I couldnt find the play node as wasn’t trying to link from the output of the sequence node. Once I did I found it and hooked it up :slight_smile:

Just to follow up on this in case others run into it- there are old tutorials out there showing that you can get the ‘Play’ node just by typing into the r-click menu of the Level Blueprint. In 4.12, in order to get the ‘Play’ node, you have to drag off of the Exec connection and then search for ‘play’ for it to appear.