How do I edit marketplace assets in the viewport of Unreal Engine 5?

Ok, this must be a super basic question.
But for a newbie, I truly can’t find the answer. After I bought a car dealer asset from marketplace, I added it to a project from the Epic Games launcher vault.
Then I tried to place all the meshes in the editor and all the mesh parts are in the wrong spots. Then I tried to place the demo from the maps folder in the editor, and I thought: Oh, it’s now in one piece as it should be, but… I can not edit a single piece, like removing a text mesh so I can replace it with another text mesh made in Blender.
Man… This is driving me NUTS… How can I edit different meshes from the marketplace asset…???
Click here for the picture

There is no formal way of building things for the market place, you have to play it by ear.

Having said that, it sounds like you dragged a lot of meshes into the map in one go, and got a bundle of rubbish? That sounds like the pivot points of the meshes are positioned correctly for that. Solution? One at a time.

The second problem sound more like there is a total one-piece mesh, which is not editable. Or it could also be a ( driveable? ) blueprint. If so, everything will tend to stay in a clump. You might get some joy with double-clicking a part.

Very hard to tell from here.

Placing all the different meshes from the car dealer building (From the Content browser) into the editor was my first attempt.
The roof, walls, floor, furniture, etc did not appear in the right spot.
This was not the way. So I tried to bring the demo from the maps folder into the editor scene. Now the whole car dealer building is completely in the editor, and all the mesh parts are in the right spot. But now, I can not edit one single mesh.
SO my main question is: After placing the whole building into the editor, how can I turn all the meshes into several parts, so I can replace/edit one or two parts…?
So many of us buy assets from the marketplace and place them into their projects, and even edit the Assets. That process, I do not fully understand…
Am I clear enough?

Hi! Maybe the author merged the building into a single Blueprint and used this blueprint in the demonstration map. If you click on the building, on the right side of the screen under the transfrom section you must see a smal rectangle with the image of the building. There is a small search icon next to it, click on it. It will automaticaly select the building in the content browser. If it’s a blueprint you can open it and under the Viewport tab you can edit it. But it’s very hard to edit complex building in the blueprint view, so I think it’s easier to start building from zero with the modular elements. Maybe the author uploaded a video how to use his assets.
This video is for my asset not for the car dealer asset, but it shows how to use modular assets in Unreal Engine, but it very depends on the asset.

Hi UrmandoSatu1,

As @sipci1989 it may be a blueprint.

It is a lot easier to move blueprints around than just the assets.

I’ve got a tool on the marketplace that allows you to deconstruct the blueprint into separate assets once you migrated it (retaining their positions). It also does a lot more:

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Have you tried opening the level ‘demo’, instead of this one?

Scroll up to my question and take a look at the picture link, there you see that I did open the demo. And this is also my problem, I can’t change anything from the car dealer building because it is one piece/mesh. I want to change the name “IMPORT-CARS” to another name.

So, how do you guys place a marketplace asset into the viewport of Unreal Engine 5?
How do you also edit a part of the whole asset? :thinking:

You might try this button


It looks like the level is a level instance, that’s why I’m saying open the actual level.

If you go to the content folder, and filter for ‘level’


Try opening them one at a time, you’ll find the right one.


Edit: Just saw what ClockworkOcean saw - you’ve copied it as a LevelInstance :slight_smile:

It does sound like you’ve merged everything into one mesh.

I have that pack, and just took a look - it’s all placed out as single static mesh actors - all the text and everything.

You can select it all and create a blueprint - (you may have used “merge actors” instead?)

Otherwise, my rdBPtools does that kind of thing too (and allows you to deconstruct).


Yes, ClockworkOcean and RecourseDesign,
I did clicked the “edit” button, and was able to delete IMPORT-CARS
and replace it with STEFAN-CARS that I made in Blender.

Thank you all so much, it is solved!!
Now I can continue building my first (simple) game, WooHoo…!!
And here’s my version:


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