How do I edit a bug report?

Its not been listed yet as “issues” but I forgot to add one more thing.
Is there a login somewhere where I can edit?

There’s not currently a way to do so. You’ll either need to recreate the ticket or if you’d like to send me the details via community (at), I’ll make sure to get it to the right folks!

Thanks Amanda I will just create a new ticket then and do a reference to the old ticket’s number.

Sounds good. Thanks for providing more info :slight_smile:

n.p. of course :slight_smile:

  Case # 00123810: More information in reference to older ticket: Case # 00123600: Set Material by name in Pawn Class BP with instanced materials ... has been received    

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Dear Etienne Andlau,

Thank you for your bug submission. We will be investigating your case and follow up if more information is needed or when a ticket is created. You can track the latest UE4 issues at

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