How do I dynamically(runtime) move vertices of a static mesh?

Example. I have a static mesh, 4 vertices 2 triangles = 1 awesome programmer art, that I imported from a 3d program. I want to be able to move one of the 4 vertices up/down how do I get the vertex?

I’ve seen some examples about creating dynamic meshes and I know I can create/delete/create but I just want to translate a vertex.
Any help would be appreciated!
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You can’t change the vertices of a StaticMeshComponent but you can indeed do this with a dynamic mesh component, as per the wiki tutorial!

Personally I recommend you wait till 4.5 at which point you will have a fully functional use of dynamic meshes with collision in packaged games!

Epic member Ori Cohen made this possible for 4.5 !



where is the information about dynamic meshes for 4.5? thanks Rama

Ori posted in the request page made by Dmacesic!


you can apply a material to your static mesh. within the material the world position offset is where you can change the vertices

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