How do i download an older version of UE instead of the newest?

I have just started a Game Designing Program at my College, and the version of UE that we use is 4.12.5. But the only version i can find to download is 4.13.2. How do I find older versions to download??? I need help ASAP. This is major for my class.

Try the “Add versions” button in the launcher > library.

Thanks for the help but it only goes down as far as 4.13.2. Anything else??

You could only Download latest minor releases from launcher:


If you need particular minor version, You have to compile it yourself from sources on github.

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This options is not available at my Library.

I also have a disabled “+” button for downloading previous vrtsion.
I am very displeased with this. I can not see old projects.

I clicked the + button the previous version icon appeared with a drop down arrow showing all the previous versions.

Well, my question is how do I get UE3 instead of older UE4 versions? I have #4 Downloaded, but the version I want to use is #3.

Hello Sawyer, what you’re looking for is called UDK.

when i look for udk online, it does not show with ue1-2, is there a way to download UE1

No. You can’t download SDK for UE1 or UE2. Those engines were for licensees only. And license costs are 6-7 digits.

UDK is Unreal Development Kit - Unreal Engine 3 SDK

try again