How do i do a Grab with Physics Handle Component on a projectile?

When i fire an arrow on an enemy i want the arrow to continue it’s movement and drag the enemy along from
where it hit, how can i do this? So far i’ve set the character the projectile so it won’t stop. I have a OnOverlap function to start the grab on the hit bone and hit location and on the tick event update the target location, but it’s giving me big offsets:

If i lift the projectile on the Eject mode you can clearly see he’s being grabbed but there is a huge offset:

seems like one of your location vectors is in world-space, and you try to use it as it was an offset (bone/component space).

for example offset (5,0,0) in world space acts as world root (0,0,0) + that offset. which is probably underground, and that’s where your character is pointing.

also please try to show your blueprints when you are opening topics so we can be more helpful :slight_smile: