How do I display a widget in client only?

Hi, first I would like to apologize for my English, it is not my language and I am using a translator.

I’m trying to show a widget for each client, my plan for respawn is this:


In the plan I first get the player controller and compare it with a number to respawn a character in the location I want.

The problem is that each character has a widget with a loading bar for the jump, this widget is unique and I know how to make the main player get his (it would be the host), but I can’t do it with the clients.

Could someone help me? Thank you.

Hi man,
each character has a widget for the jump-loading
“this widget is unique” , you mean that you have only one widget blueprint? well you have to make every player create his own, right?
“you know how make the main character get his”, good, but why you cant do it in the clients?
The screenshot shows us how you spawn actors and possess them , but not how you deal with the widgets.

Hi. Thanks for answering. I found the solution in another thread.