How do I disable writing to the Log file in ue?


Some suggestions:

  1. #define NO_LOGGING 1 in a relevant place (e.g. Project.Build.cs should work)
  2. use a shipping build configuration as in shipping NO_LOGGING is set to !USE_LOGGING_IN_SHIPPING and USE_LOGGING_IN_SHIPPING is set to 0 (see and
  3. if you can’t use one of the above disable the log categories via config (Engine.ini), you should be able to set something like the following
global = none



None of the links you gave are valid. Are these changes in the DefaultEngine file?

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Adding the setting in DefaultEngine.ini didn’t work for me but adding into the Saved/Config/Engine.ini does. Setting the verbosity to none should only log fatal messages but for me it writes a few non fatal ones (like “LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin …” for example). Not sure why that happens I would have to look at the code first.