How do I disable this rotation snap without disabling grid snapping?

I am trying to make some maps and when I try to put my grid snap on 256 the tile is rotating to -90. I have tried turning my rotation snap off and all other snap settings, none do anything except when I toggle grid snapping I don’t have the issue anymore. But I do want to use grid snapping I just want my rotation to be locked.

In the top right of your viewport panel, you will see a few tools. Click the “Angle” icon so that it is no longer highlighted blue.

@SatoriFN I’ve tried that, it still has the same effect. The only one of those buttons that makes a difference is the grid snapping one.

Hmmm, strange–I would imagine that would solve it since that’s the purpose of that tool.

Try going to edit → editor preferences → viewports. Then scroll to the “Grid Snapping” section and uncheck “Enable Rotation Snapping”.

See for reference:
Actor Snapping | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation.

yeah idk if its bugged or what the deal is. Maybe ill try installing UEFN on my other pc to see if the problem persists

Update: @SatoriFN so I did a fresh install on another pc and tried moving the same fence piece on the same template map and I’m getting the same problem. Even using a different epic id, so its not cloud settings.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of strange and unexpected snapping/mirroring as well.

There’s a checkbox to disable “Editor Cell Snap” in World Settings.

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