How do I disable roll dodge animation when player jumps

Hi there, I need some help with my roll dodge animation that plays through a Montage Play on the character BP and I set up a timer so animation will not get spammed, anyway I just want my character not Roll dodge while the character is jumping.

Thank you for reading.

what that timer actually does?, and btw you could just add delay after montage play, before roll dodge boolean gets disabled, so you could not spam it anyway.
Well if you want character to stop roll dodge when you press jumping, you should make a little func with check (if roll dodge bool is true, then stop montage from anim instance reference, and set roll dodge to false directly, call it when you press jump) if you want to be not able to jump while roll dodging, you should just add boolean check if roll dodge is false before jump happens.

Ok, to interrupt dodge you should have a func like this

then you can make 2 variations interrupt dodge and directly start jumping

you may not jump until dodge is finished

if you want jump dodge will be interrupted first click, if you are not dodging it will jump

here is a better way to handle dodge event, if you are not dodging it will start dodge anim, and will disable it by delay so you can dodge later again, delay is going by montage duration(multiplied by 0.8) so it means like after 80% of animation it will go to false so you can dodge again.

Hey can you make a example of this, I’m pretty new at this:)