How do I disable click - jump in side scroller?

Hi guys!

I am going crazy trying to figure this out. I am starting a side scroller mobile game and right now every time I click the mouse my character jumps and I need it to not do that. I am right now, just for getting the basics set up, using the stock character set up. How do I disable click jump? I have already gone to input and removed the space bar jump. I see no option for this anywhere though. Thank you in advance.

ok go to your project settings and you scroll down until u see input. Now once u see input click into it and u should see your space bar and thats automatically q-ing your jump. Hopefully this helps.

i tried it myself think it should help u

Thank you. I have already done that. It is still jumping.

hmm. let me see what i can come up with

tell u if i think of something