How do I disable a key in blueprints?

Hello everyone! I am a total newbie to visual scripting ^^"

I am trying to make something like a point and click game event. When I enter a collision, you see a magnifier icon and when you press the left mouse button while being inside the collision, Text appears in form of a widget animation.

Now, when the animation is halfway through you can theoretically press it again, and trigger the whole animation again. I’d like to prevent this by disabling the left mouse button as long as the animation plays. I already tried it but it doesn’t work

Any ideas? :slight_smile: thanks in advance!

That’s amazing! thank you, but I cannot find the reset do once note.:// is it something I build myself? If so, how?

thanks a lot dude!

You need this magic node:


Specifically something like:

That’s just a custom event :slight_smile:

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