How do I develop games for PS4 if I'm not from USA/Canada?

Hey guys!
I’ve opened page for developrs and the first thing I saw was

Is it impossible to make indie games if you’re outside of USA? o.o
I mean this sounds pretty unrealistic, but I can’t any other information…

That info doesn’t look too reliable. A lot of US .com sites are very US centric in their POV and completely disregard the rest of the world including Europe and Asia… The big clue here is mentioning the Americas but then talking about obtaining a US IRS corporate tax ID!!! So instead, I would email them and ask which Sony hub Russia falls under… Its possible you have to go through Europe i.e. UK (GB) for example… The other option I can think of but its not cheap, is to contact an international law firm and ask them about setting up a shell company / subsidiary in Delaware etc. But this can’t be the only path for developing for the PS4…

They have not answered my request, but I found this registration procedure for Europe based developers :slight_smile:

Good luck…

Here are the links to Sony’s 3 foreign developer registration pages:

SCE Europe (Includes all of Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand)

SCE Asia and SCE Japan

SCE Korea