How do I determine if a machine has UE4 source from git?

Here’s versions available from launcher.

Would there be an option under launch for “source”?

Hey shgs_sls,

source version of editor will not appear in Launcher. Launcher is used to download/install binary version of engine and for access to Marketplace content. To access binary for engine that you built from source, go to Engine > Binaries > Win64 in folder for your engine and use UE4Editor.exe.

Hope that helps!

Hey Mr. ,

I took a look in my UE4 directory, and it has all of binaries. Under source there are only headers for CPP files, and no CPP files. No generateprojectfiles batch, or UE4 vs solution file. Would it be safe to assume that I do not have source?


When you downloaded from GitHub, where did you put it? Did you then build engine?