How do I detect ScrollOffset in pixels, NOT in items?

We have STableViewBase with ScrollOffset in items, i’m looking for ScrollOffset in geometry size (pixels?).
I am inside of STableViewBase, how to get from there ScrollOffset in pixels?

You can use GetScrollDistance() and GetScrollDistanceRemaining() which will give you it to you in normalized coordinates, 0…1, then you could multiply that by GetItemHeight(). That should give you the slate units that have been scrolled, or the number remaining with GetScrollDistanceRemaining().


That will give me ScrollBar Track offset, which is set by STableViewBase by ScrollOffset / NumItemsBeingObserved, so its a fraction in items also. But i need offset something like ScrollOffsetInPixels which is related to DesiredSizeOfTable.Y.

Example: that means (ScrollOffsetInPixels.Y + ActualSizeOfTable.Y == DesiredSizeOfTable.Y). When table scrolled fully to bottom.

  • I just wanted to fix bug, with ScrollBar Thumb resizing for SDetailedView, but i found that problem is not only with Thumb size, which is calculated by Items fraction (donno why you did that), but also problem is that DesiredSize of SDetailedView is not Const as it should be, but it also changing when scrolling happens, so actually i cant calculate Fraction of Thumb in pixes, because for that i need ScrollOffsetInPixels.Y / DesiredSize.Y, but as i sayed, DesiredSize is mutating, for some reason, for SListPanel.