How do I detect if player is colliding with any static mesh then scale it up via 3d scale actor node?

I wanted to scale my player character via 3d scale actor but I want for that to happen if my character isn’t colliding with any static mesh within a certain range/radius.I’m trying to do it via sphereoverlap actors, I 'm lost on how to properly set it up.ANy help would be appreciated.

OnComponentBeginOverlap (sphere) add the overlapping actor uniquely to an array or set.
OnComponentEndOverlap you remove the actor from that array.

Then check if the array is empty before allowing the character to grow. but dont include the floor or he will never have an empty array.

Set the Radius and the Scale variables to what you want to, and it should work. Though, dont set the radius to be too big or it might collide with the floor.

Worked perfectly, thanks