How do I despawn the attached mesh with the actor pawn after death

After my pawns death, the attached mesh just falls to the ground and becomes invisible to damage, how do I make it decay after the attached actor gets destroyed.

Character Pawn BP

woo another person on here with the ark dev kit. can you tell us more what you mean by decay? If you want to remove it you need a destroyActor node. If you want it to fade out slowly youll need some sort of fancy material and i’m not sure if ADK supports that. Same with physics. Your best off posting on the Ark modding forums where people who use ADK can help, ue4 answerhub people tend to build games, not mod them :slight_smile:

destroyActor node is what I need from the sounds of it.

Im learning to use UE and I actually get a responses here unlike the ark forums where questions like these go unanswered

which leads me to my second question of customizing how its fired, if there’s an npc death notify node or something, time won’t work since I have no idea when a player or another pawn will kill it

something like this? but instead of movement change, npc death

I dont play ark or use the dev kii so Im not the guy to ask but youve pretty juch got it down,just make sure the item you want to destroy is plugged into the target of the destroyactor node self (none) is fine if your scripting on the actor that is falling to the ground and staying there.