How do I delete my account?

I want to delete my account and start a new one because of the email address, I also need my display name on the other account, please delete it for me and I will make a new account and buy an UE4 subscription!

Hey DerailedGames -

You will need to contact the Account Support. There should be a contact link on your current account page at, or Visit Unreal Engine Support for Help and Customer Service - Unreal Engine

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I want to delete my account because I accidentally I put in my email on someone else’s Xbox One account

A problem like that your going to want to contact epic directly its unlikely you will achieve the result you want via the answerhub and even less so by necroing a really old post.

i wan`t to delete my account

delete this account

Please delete my account! I’ve sent emails which have gone ignored. I made this account by mistake, I don’t want it anymore.

Contacting does nothing. I’ve sent emails asking for my account to be deleted because someone stupid idiots keep trying to hack into my account which is why it keeps getting locked and the reason why I want it deleted! Apparently, I’ll have to make a phone call to get in touch with someone!

Regarding [Unreal-Engine-Support für Hilfe und Kundendienstangelegenheiten besuchen - Unreal Engine] for help in deleting an account.
“Thank you for your email. This email address is not monitored.”

If someone has an account that’s not used, it’s no use keeping it, right? So how do we really get this done? I’m sick of getting emails, legit or not, about persons unknown trying to get into this dead account and would like it gone, please.

Hello everyone,

This process has changed some since Lovecraft_K’s answer. Please go to the following link:

Please use the Email Us link on the Fortnite support page to contact Support for further assistance.

Although the Email Us link will take you to a Fortnite page (at the moment, we plan to change this), the form will still be able to go to the team that handles Account issues and they should be able to handle account deletion.